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A-Club is a members-only club with an exclusive service.
Our mission: to create the best conditions for achieving your financial aspirations.
Why us?
А-Club is recognized as the best Private Banking in Ukraine:
By Euromoney magazine,
Private Banking Services
Overall Rating
Among the banks with high
deposit reliability rating,
according to Standard-Rating
Based on the results of 50
Leading Banks of Ukraine
Rating by Financial
Club AWARDS 2019.
Exclusive service
The best financial instruments.
Personalized service, high-quality
customer service. Full range of airport
services and special offers from
A-Club partners
Concierge Service
Spend your free time with
your family and we will take
care of the daily issues.
We will help increase your capital
with an account in hryvnia,
US dollars, euros.
Safety Deposit
For reliable protection of your
valuables, documents and other
expensive items, we offer
the service of storing valuables
in safety deposit boxes.
one of us
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as soon as possible