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Analytical materials from the club

14 October 2018 Yield of 10-year US bonds reached 3.23% this week

As the yield of US treasury bonds increases, and with the relatively stable US shares market, the spread between earnings yield (earnings per share) and yield of 10-year treasury bonds dropped to the level of H1 2010.

Yield of 10-year US bonds reached 3.23% this week, which, in turn entailed yield levels in other countries.

Sale in stocks at an increased yield (interest rates) with relatively low inflation does not really give gold a chance to exceed its corridor 1,192-1,210. Although gold reached 1,200+ in one leap on Tuesday, it did not go any further yet.

13 September 2018 Economy growth rate accelerated to 3.6%

Real GDP growth accelerated to 3.6% in Q2 2018 compared to last year’s indicators, according to preliminary data of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine. Not accounting for unusually high growth in the end of 2016 caused by a rather high level of corn yield, this is the most substantial dynamics that the Ukrainian economy is showing in the post-crisis period.

At the same time, many sources of growth (increase of global prices for raw materials, recovery of payroll, increase of budget expenditures) are beginning to lose force. According to the majority of analytical organizations, economic growth in Ukraine in 2019 will slightly slow down compared with the expected 3.2% growth in 2018.