Club Package


4 premium Mastercard Black Edition cards


available for opening a current account


grace period on the credit limit


commission on payments with the card, conversion and cash withdrawal in all countries of the world
* Monthly limit in the amount of UAH 100,000 for free cash withdrawals at banks
and the Bank's ATMs and also all ATMs of other banks across the world.

Additional services

With Club Service Package you receive expertise for placement of family capital:
from portfolio investment into securities to alternative direct and venture investment.
Diversification of risks and choice by varieties of basic assets, currencies, countries, industries and stock exchanges.
Personalized investment solutions, brokerage services, different types of funds, investment consulting.
Expertise in settlement of legal and tax issues.
Corporate law services, legal assistance for investment operations, land projects, real estate transactions, services of a lawyer.
Services for establishment of family trusts and funds, selection of trust managers with impeccable reputation.