Alfa Bank Ukraine will support you and your family in issues of protection of health, personal property and civil rights at any moment.
Advantages of insurance
of partner companies
The insurance companies are among Top 10 most reliable Ukrainian companies.
Over 15 years in the insurance market of Ukraine.
Financial stability rating of partners is not lower than uaAA on the national rating scale.

Types of insurance:

Voluntary medical
insurance (VMI)
Receive qualified medical and financial assistance
in case of unforeseen diseases or accidents.
Choose any VMI package at A-Club offices
or develop your personalized insurance program.
Rest assured about your health and the health
of the people who are dear to you.
Voluntary car insurance (CASCO)
Even if you are a quite experienced driver, protect
your car against accidents, damage, theft and other
serious trouble. Spare yourself unexpected costs by
covering the risks under the chosen CASCO insurance
program. Be more confident on the road!

Mandatory insurance of vehicle owners
Mandatory insurance of civil liability of vehicle
owners protects the rights of the individual,
whose vehicle you unintentionally damaged.
Choose the insurance package and don't worry
about any inflicted damage!

Tourist insurance
Spare yourself the worry and unforeseen expenses
during the a long-awaited trip or business trip.
Obtain an insurance policy for traveling abroad
and get absolute guarantees of protection in
case of health issues, troubles during the flight,
accident, etc. IC Alfa Insurance will undertake
the full range of risks to keep your trip carefree.
Property insurance
Protect your home from unexpected accidents, acts of God,
fire or theft and yourself from large material losses. Insure
your home and everything that’s in it: from furniture and
finishing to elements of construction. Obtains a policy at
Alfa Insurance and you will always have good relations with
your neighbors under any unpleasant circumstances.