Golf training with A-Club

03 July 2020

In recent years, golf is rapidly gaining popularity and is becoming truly spectacular. If you have not yet mastered the art of this game, we invite you and your family members to study.

A-Club and partners bring to your attention 2 golf schools at the main golf courses in Ukraine.


Kozyn Golf Club (Kiev region)

Kozyn – the birthplace of golf in Ukraine. The center is located in the recreation area along the right bank of the Dnieper and is a complex that combines ecological and healthy recreation. The complex includes a cozy restaurant, a comfortable Driving Range, and a unique 18 hole golf course created by nature itself.

 For customers of A-Club, a special golf school has been created on the basis of the club and exclusive conditions apply:

  • 30% discount on golf training (Novice package, the package includes 5 individual lessons of 1 hour each, the standard cost is 5,000 UAH.). The package includes the rental of balls and clubs.
  • Participation in one round of the regular qualification tournament of the Kozyn Cup, after which the player will have a handicap and he will be considered a real golfer.

After completing the training, the client receives a card of a member of the All-Ukrainian Federation Golf.

The Kozin Center is also a great place for families, organizing events, barbecue parties and just having a great time.


Equidies Club (Kyiv region, Lesniki village, Vishnevaya str., 36)

Equides Club is the perfect vacation spot with any company. The suburban complex has a hotel, restaurant, conference room, large aquazone, SPA and two well-equipped gyms, a shooting range, an equestrian center and a driving range for playing golf.

For A-Club customers, a 20% discount on training with a coach is valid, and the coach provides clubs and a set of balls for the game for free.

Standard prices:

Head pro trainer, 45 min. – 1 200 UAH.

Trainer Pro, 45 min. – 900 UAH.

Assistant coach, 45 min. – 700 UAH.


*To organize the learning process, contact your client manager.