JSC “Alfa-Bank” changes the limits on bank cards and limits on operations of the Internet Service System “My Alfa-bank”

30 July 2020

From September 1, 2020, Alfa-Bank changes the limits for Bank cards * to the following:

Daily limits are set for all Bank Cards:

Card type Cash withdrawal (ATMs), UAH Payments via POS terminals, UAH The total amount of any transactions, UAH The total number of operations, pcs.
For A-Club customers 100 000 100 000 600 000 up to 25 (twenty five) operations per day

The new limits are valid for all Cards, except for cards when the Cardholder has changed them on his own in one of the following ways.

If desired, the Cardholder can change daily limits free of charge by calling the A-Club support service 0800 50 80 З0 or +38 (044) 495 11 99, via the Internet service “My Alfa-bank” or by applying to the Bank.

Also, from September 1, 2020, the limits in the “My Alfa-bank” Internet service system will change to the following:


Operation limits Limit per 1 operation Daily limit Monthly limit
Transfers between accounts of one client opened with the Bank Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Transfers by phone number (Note 1) or card number to the Bank’s Clients; transfers by card number from the card account of a user of the Bank to card accounts of other users that are opened in other banks of Ukraine 50 000 UAH 150 000 UAH 400 000 UAH
Transfers or payments between accounts of different users that are opened with other banks in Ukraine:

-for A-Club customers


500 000 UAH


1 000 000 UAH



5 000 000 UAH


Replenishment from a card issued by another bank of Ukraine (except for cards of JSC “Alfa-Bank”), for the purpose of replenishing the EPS account, credit card replenishment operations, current account, deposit accounts and for payment of loan debt  

30 000 UAH


400 000 UAH


400 000 UAH

Transfers to pay for cellular (mobile) services

-for A-Club customers


5 000 UAH


10 000,00 UAH


10 000,00 UAH

Contractual write-off on a deposit in hryvnia, in US dollars, in euros at its opening 20 000 000 UAH./ 500 000



Payments for the purpose of paying utilities, telecommunications and other services are located in the section “Payments and transfers” (Note 2)

-for A-Club customers



100 000,00 UAH.


300 000,00 UAH


1 000 000,00 UAH



  1. The recipient of this payment can only be a Client registered in the My Alfa-Bank system with a confirmed phone number.
  2. Except for operations for which additional limits are set on the partner’s side, where the partner is LLC Financial Company MBK.

We remind you that the Client has the right to terminate the agreement before the date of introduction of the above changes without paying an additional commission for termination. Changes to the Terms of Use of the Card or the Tariffs for servicing the Card are agreed by the Client if, prior to the date from which they will be applied, the Client does not notify the Bank of the termination of the agreement and the closure of the corresponding account.