Rafal Juszczak became a new General Manager of Alfa-Bank Ukraine

15 October 2019

Recently Rafal Juszczak took up duties as General Manager of Alfa-Bank Ukraine and replaced Czech Ivan Svitek on this position. Before this appointment Mr Juszczak had been leading Alfa-Bank Belarus for four years. From April 2019 he also has been a member of the Supervisory Board of Alfa-Bank Ukraine.

This appointment to Ukraine is second for Rafal Juszczak: from 2008 to 2010 he was working in our country, being a Chairman of the Board of the First Ukrainian International Bank.

Most of Mr Juszczak’s career was built in the financial companies of Poland, while in 2015 he was appointed to the position of the Managing Director of Alfa-Bank Belarus. On this position, he was responsible for development and implementation of the bank development strategy. Under his management, Alfa-Bank Belarus has significantly strengthened its positions in digital direction. Mr Juszczak is a change-manager with innovative solutions that enabled Belarusian bank to become one of 150 best world financial companies according to The Banker and to receive award “Best Bank of Belarus 2019” according to the British magazine Euromoney, and to become the best digital bank of Belarus according to respective Global Finance magazine’s award “World’s Best Digital Banks 2019”.

“I am really glad to be back to Ukraine. I believe that modern bank is a mobile bank and it has not only to meet, but also predict the expectations of its customers. I am sure that pretty soon Alfa Bank will be the bank #1 for Ukrainians,” commented Rafal Juszczak.


Rafal Juszczak was born in Poland on September 7, 1969. He graduated from the University of Gdansk (Poland) with Master’s Degree in History in 1994 and from the Graduate School of Management (Ecole Supérieure de Commerce) in Rouen (France) with Master’s Degree in Banking and Finance (Master Spécialisé Banque et Finance) in 1996.

Rafal has over 22 years of experience on managing positions in different banking establishments. He headed the management boards and ran a number of financial companies, among which Polish Bank PKO Bank Polski and First Ukrainian International Bank. He worked also on the managerial positions of Citibank (Bank Handlowy w Warszawie SA).

Rafal speaks Polish, Russian and English. He is fond of Eastern martial arts: he is three-time kung fu champion of Poland.