Telemedicine service update

02 May 2022

Dear Clients,

Your attention to the latest updates of the Telemedicine service from Visa.
The main goal of this update is the desire to help take care of your health and the health of your loved ones.

The main changes concern:
• Expansion of available options for holders of all Visa cards
• Adaptation of content to new realities in Ukraine
• COVID tests have become an optional service and are available only at the choice of the bank (now, of course, not an up-to-date service yet).

The new service menu will look like this:

1. Medical assistance:
For premium clients, from 5 free online consultations are available (therapist, pediatrician, ENT, dermatologist, neuropathologist).
New! An important change is that the service is now available to members of the cardholder’s family.
New! For owners of all Visa cards, we have created a selection of services available on the market for free. We will continue to fill this section with useful information.

2. Psychological assistance:
Up to 5 free personal online appointments are available for Visa Infinite holders.
New! Together with the Ukrainian Union of Psychotherapists and the Family Psychotherapy section, we have created a line of psychological support for the owners of all cards.
5 free consultations are also available here, incl. the whole family.
The duration of the 1st appointment is up to 45 minutes.

3. Nutritionist support:
For Visa Infinite holders, up to 5 free personal online appointments are available with the formation of a personal plan (either a Psychologist or a Nutritionist to choose from).

4. Online lectures (we have adapted topics from Wellbeing to current ones and will invite interesting speakers)
New! The first lecture from Spartak Saturday – About Resilience
New! The second lecture from Elena Dobrodnyak – Family relations during the war