Safety deposit box
It is a great risk to keep large amounts of money, important documents and valuables at home or at the office, which can be avoided, if you rent a safety deposit box.
Safety Deposit Box
A safety deposit box is essential for purchase and
sale of real estate and is perfect for confidential
storing of valuables: securities, jewelry, precious
metals and stones, business papers and important
documents, antiquities, heirlooms, works of art,
data storage devices, etc.
Reliability of safety deposit box
You can be fully confident that the contents
of your safety deposit box are secure against
break-ins and theft. Our safety deposit boxes
are equipped with multi-level security system
and the vaults have top-notch security.
No home or office safe can provide you with
such high guarantee of safety of your
valuables and money.
Convenience of safety
deposit box
A-Club vaults have safety deposit boxes for
storing any amount of money and items of
different sizes and dimensions. It is very
convenient to rent a safety deposit box:
you choose the size that you need and
don't pay more for the size; you rent the
safety deposit box for the required term;
access to valuables can be granted not
only to you, but also to the person you trust.
Rates of the rent of safety deposit boxes